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A Place to Share Realities

A note to explain to our friends what we are building at Interlace, Inc.

Jan 06, 2020


Co-Star is an astrology app created by a small team in Brooklyn with a focus on modern design and a clever viral mechanism that has led to quick growth. In this document, I'll go through why, whether you personally enjoy it or not, astrology is a significant and growing market with a particularly desirable demographic and how Co-Star is well poised to become a dominant brand in the sector.

Sep 12, 2018


I'm declaring a set of principles I'd like to guide my decision making and behavior. I've seen people I admire do this and give credit to it for their success. I hope to avoid using this as a performance of vanity by remembering that these are not qualities inherent in myself, but rather standards. →

Jul 07, 2018

Unfair competetive advantages

The base question when evaluating a high growth business is whether they have an unfair competitive advantage. This is an advantage that raises the barrier of entry for competitors to a point where they are almost certain to avoid entry or be quickly eliminated. →

Dec 23, 2017