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Jul 07, 2018

I'm declaring a set of principles I'd like to guide my decision making and behavior. I've seen people I admire do this and give credit to it for their success. I hope to avoid using this as a performance of vanity by remembering that these are not qualities inherent in myself, but rather standards.

My dearest principles are: fitness, frugality, loyalty, awareness, honesty, cheerfulness, and excellence. Their selection is important not just for what they are, but for what was excluded. Other principles are not unimportant, but for me, they are secondary to these.

  • Fitness is the physical foundation necessary for effective performance in life

  • Operating with frugality allows me to trade my urges for my goals.

  • Other people are the most valuable resource and their loyalty can only be earned in kind. Any opportunity to cultivate it should be seized.

  • The truth is there whether I choose to acknowledge it or not. Practicing without awareness is like operating without a sense.

  • I can keep my mental load light by practicing honesty.

  • Having fun is the most important thing to me. Cheerfulness allows me to generate that internally.

  • The world is more competitive than ever and grows more so. It is only worth doing things I can do with excellence.